It's been over a month and still no 'poo

I’ll bet you’ve been asking yourself: I wonder how Heidi’s no ‘poo experiment is going?
No? You haven’t?
Oh… Okay…
You know I’m going to tell you anyway, right?
It’s been over a month since I last used shampoo and it’s going great!
Here’s actual photo evidence:
No 'poo update
That picture was taken first thing in the morning. I had not even brushed my hair yet. There is no reason for showing you an unbrushed photo. It would have looked nicer if I had bothered, but it was Saturday morning and I didn’t feel like it. Sorry. (I’m not really sorry.)
Even so, not too bad, right?
I wash my hair with baking soda and water and condition with diluted apple cider vinegar. I do this every third day or so. My hair looks best on day two for some reason. By the end of day three, I think it looks a bit greasy but not terrible. Pretty much how it used to look after a day or so of not shampooing, so that’s a win.
Sometimes my scalp feels a bit itchy up top. This is the area I “scrub” the most when I wash with the baking soda. It may be getting dry? I tried adding some tea-tree oil to yesterday’s wash and no itch yet, so cross your fingers. I have heard that itchiness can be a normal part of the adjustment period.
My hair has continued to lighten. At first I thought that the baking soda had been stripping out old color, but the area I notice the most lightning! lightening in is at the crown. I haven’t colored my hair in months; there surely was no color there to begin with. The good news is: I really like the new color.
I need a trim, but that has nothing to do with anything… Except laziness.
I’m sensing a theme this morning.
When I finally get around to driving the eight miles required to go visit my super awesome hairdresser, I’ll be curious to see what she thinks of the condition of my hair.
Also, should I ask her not to shampoo my hair that day? Perhaps condition only? Or will it matter? Your thoughts?
She might think I’m weird if I ask her to skip the shampoo…
On second thought, she’s been doing my hair for 15 years. I’m sure she probably already thinks knows I am.
Lastly, one of my friends recently said to me, “Heidi, I haven’t ‘pooed since Saturday.” Only, I heard, “Heidi, I haven’t pooed since Saturday.”
My first reaction? Why are you telling me that?
My second? Try a green smoothie.
Googlers who have no idea why I’m trying to solve your painful problem with haircare, that is my advice to you as well. And maybe try to drink more water.
You’re welcome.

Unrelated: Happy Labor Day! What do you like to put in your potato salad? Tell me about it on Frantically Simple’s Facebook page.


  1. I’d just ask for a scalp massage! I told my hairdresser I wasn’t using shampoo and she was familiar with the baking soda/ACV method and wasn’t really surprised. I personally wouldn’t want even the conditioning chemicals on my hair at this point.

    Though to be perfectly transparent-the BS/ACV method didn’t work very well for me. I use Desert Essence all natural ‘poo about once a week. I’m not using any “fixatives” so the day I was my fair is flat and kinda lifeless. Day 3 or 4 is probably best-I have natural curl and never knew it!

  2. That is amazing! Your hair looks fantastic. I am going to have to try this. My hair is so dry and because my hair is so super duper thick………….I use way too much condition, which is not cheap. I am going to have to take the leap of faith and try this.

    p.s I want to hear what your hair dresser has to say about the condition as well

  3. And what does it feels like no shampoo? What remedy did you use in replace for your shampoo? I think I can’t stand to have a no shampoo every time I take a bath since I am more certain if dirt has been absolutely been remove, I always do this to prevent dandruff.

    • I use baking soda mixed with water and tea-tree oil, then diluted apple-cider vinegar to condition. My hair feels great. Nice and clean. I’ve been doing this for about eight months now, I think. No problems.



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