History’s Heroines: Julia Child

The heroine for our homeschool history club’s March study was similar in many ways to February’s.
Off the top of my head:
1. Julia Child was just one year older than Lucille Ball; both were born in August (1911 and 1912).
2. Like Lucy, Julia’s husband, Paul, was investigated by the Committee for Un-American Activies.
3. Both women were pioneers in television entertainment and both were truly funny ladies.
4. Lastly, most of the girls in our club had never heard of either woman before but really enjoyed learning about both.

Julia gave us many wonderful things to discuss. She did not start cooking seriously until her 40s. Before that, her meals were often disasters. We talked about the importance of life-long learning. At 6’2″, she stood out in a crowd, but never seemed to be bothered by it. We talked about how being different can be an asset. Mostly, we talked about how her “no fear” attitude was inspiring.
Most of the girls had taken time before the meeting to watch episodes of The French Chef. It was a big hit.

After a brief meeting for our discussion, we loaded into my car for a field trip to Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland. We ate fancy food, prepared by chef students, in the school’s restaurant.
Note: If you have plans to be in the Portland area, make reservations. Nine dollars will get you a wonderful three-course lunch, eighteen will get you a four-course dinner.

The girls sampled such fare as Grapefruit and Fennel Salad, Smoked Salmon Mousse, Lamb and Potato Gnocchi, and the delicious, if not exotic, Chocolate Dream Torte. Although they did not all love every single thing on their plates, each girl tried new things and no one uttered a single “gross!”. Success!
After lunch we were treated to a tour of the school kitchens by one of their female executive chef/instructors. It was a fantastic way to cap off our study of Julia Child.

Newt is going through a "I don't smile in pictures" phase. One consequence of being a blogger-mom.

Feel free to use the notebooking pages and writing prompts I created. Non-commercial use only, please.
Writing Prompts for Julia Child
Julia Child Notebooking Pages

Bon Appetit!

Next month: Annie Jump Cannon


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