Secret Doctor Who Bedroom Makeover

Alternate Title: Proof That I Rock as a Mom

It’s no secret that Newt is crazy about Doctor Who. Last week, while she was at summer camp, Walt and I turned her room into a space fitting her obsession (with a few nods her her other geeky loves).
I forgot to take good before pictures, but you can see here a bit of the original, ugly wall color and trim. The closet makeover is already underway.
Note: some of the photos were taken with my phone and at night, so the quality is not so good.

The dresser was a garage sale find before Walt and I got married, 17 years ago. I’ve painted it at least ten times. This incarnation is just a bit darker – I was going for a just after sunset vibe. I also painted new Doctor Who themed knobs.
Before/in progress:


Here’s a close-up of the knobs. Top drawer is for the 9th Doctor and Rose. Middle drawer is for the 10th doctor and the bottom one is for the 11th.

Here it is with the new wall color and art work. I bought the Dalek print on etsy. Elvis – I drew for a high school class and Newt made the wreath, hung with her lariat.

More details:
New switch plate, etsy

I found a bookshelf on craigslist ($20-score) and filled it with all of her little collections. Not everything is Doctor Who; she likes a few other things as well. It makes me happy to see just how many things I’ve had a hand in creating. I made the Luigi cap for Halloween a couple of years ago and painted the Hello Sweetie! sign one evening last week. You can also see the Star Wars needlefelting I made her for Christmas.

To the right of her shelf, you’ll see some of her paintings. To the left, a new Converse lamp I picked up at a discount store and a painting of Shasta done by a family friend.

I wanted some kind of art above her bed, but I didn’t want it to fall on her. Spray paint to the rescue. The Bad Wolf is Newt’s favorite part of her room.

I also sewed new curtains to match her quilt.
I didn’t like the finials on her curtain rods (they were pink) but didn’t have time to go pick up more. So…Lego!

Not pictured, a new Doctor Who Poster with David Tennant. You’ll see it in the video below.
I also have a Doctor Who Wall Calendar on the way. It should arrive next week.

Here is the room’s crown jewel – the Tardis:

I painted the two center panels of her closet blue ( I had done the whole thing in chalkboard a couple of years ago) and added decals (etsy). Walt installed a handle and lock. Then I painted the trim and a light above (which I do not love and will likely redo).

I also painted the remaining trim in the room and her door white. Walt hung new blinds. We still need to put in new baseboards, but we didn’t get those finished in time. Now they will have to wait until we have company or move. Isn’t that the way it always goes?

All in all, I think her room turned out great. I’m pretty proud of it and the hours of work we put into it. But it’s not my opinion that matters – it’s Newt’s. See video of her reaction, complete with uncontrollable giggling, below:

PS: If you like Doctor Who, check out our freezer paper stenciled tee-shirts, free printable Valentines, and Newt’s Halloween costume.


  1. so cute. What a fun mom!

    • Thanks Jen! It was really fun to work on, and her reaction was awesome.

    • I know right!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow!!! You are great at this stuff!

  3. A.freaking.dorbs.

  4. You are an AWESOME mom. I especially love the “Bad Wolf.” Genius. And the knobs. Well done.

  5. Holy cow! I just started watching the series about a month ago…now have my son and husband addicted. 🙂

    Did she know you were redoing her room, or was it a complete surprise?

    Great video! She looks so happy!!!

  6. Heidi, I tried to email you but I got a message that your email box is full.
    Heidi, in case you don’t already know about Tee Fury… they have a cool Dalek shirt today.

    Melissa R

  7. I love you. Will you be my mom? IF not could you please come paint me a tardis closet? Seriously, you rock.

    • Would that make me a g’ma to your cat? I’m not sure I could handle being a g’ma yet. Hee!

      • Yeah, unfortunately that would make you a gramma x 3 (two cats, and a dog). 😀

  8. Yes you do rock as a mom! I would have been ecstatic if my mom would have done something like this to my room!!

    • Thanks! And she’s kept it clean all these months!

  9. You’re a 4-H mom AND a Doctor Who mom? You rock!

    • *curtsies*
      Thank you!

  10. Oh my gosh I almost started crying of how cute it is. I just have to do this from my room lol. (Ima girl)

  11. Stumbled onto this thru Pinterest- fabulous! Mom of the year award indeed!



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