Guess? Who.

Guess what Newt is going to be for Halloween:

Besides the big night, Newt also has a costume contest for a 4H animal show she’s competing in.
I have an only child. How is it that I am having to make three Halloween costumes? One for a chicken?
Oh how I wish I were kidding.

Sidenote: I just shampooed that rug and it looks terrible again. I thought of trying to edit it out, but there is a nasty rumor going around that I am perfect. Untrue, as you can now clearly see.
Also: I have things currently growing in my fridge that may require a bio-hazard suit to safely dispose of them. And, I didn’t bother to wash my face in the shower this morning.
Take that, rumor-mongers.

PS: If you like Doctor Who, check out our freezer paper stenciled tee-shirts, free printable Valentines, and Newt’s bedroom makeover.


  1. Sorry… i may have started that rumor. So anyone reading this please disregard the rumor I started about Heidi being perfect. I mean… did you see that rug? GROSSSS!

    Perfect or not can we still be friends?

    • Such good friends. 🙂

  2. Oh good! Cause I was thinking we could start a: you might not be perfect if….

    for example: you might not be perfect if the best thing about wearing your pajamas all day is that you don’t have to change your clothes when you go to bed.



  1. Spring Break Homeschoolers Gone Crazy | Frantically Simple - […] Doctor Who, check out our free printable Valentines, my daughter’s room makeover, and her Halloween costume.) Not Spring-Break crazy…

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