On My Mind: Christmas Eve Edition

toy drive santa
Last night, for the third year in a row, we were able to help with the police toy drive. Walt opted to be the police escort instead of donning the Santa suit this year. Newt and I were still Santa’s helpers though. Near the end of our toy delivery route, it started raining. Hard. By the end of the night, we were cold, damp, and very happy. I’m so glad we are able to have our girl be a part of this every year.

Later tonight, we will roast hotdogs (chicken apple sausage for me) and marshmallows in the fireplace and open two gifts each. I suspect (like every other year) they will be new pajamas and books. Tomorrow morning we will have homemade cinnamon rolls and more presents! Later, Walt’s mom will join us for a prime rib dinner and a trip to the movies–Le Mis this year.
I can’t tell you how much I enjoy our little low key, happy traditions. Very merry, indeed.

A movie on Christmas Day has been a tradition for Walt and I since our very first Christmas together–when we had been married for a full 15 days. Of course, when Hannah was born, she came along. The first year, she was two months old. We saw Castaway.
The Christmas after Walt’s dad passed away, we invited his mom to join us for Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It was the first movie she had seen in the theater since the premier weekend of Star Wars: A New Hope.

Remember this guy? Baby Elvis in a manger?
I still have him and I smile every time I see him.

I got one gift a little early this month when I sold my SUV and bought a car. I have officially exited young motherhood fully intact. It’s a good feeling.

You have to watch this video made by a friend. Trust me. You won’t regret it.

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays–take your pick. Whatever your choice, know that my family and I wish you and yours the very best.

Warm wishes,


  1. I love our little traditions, too. We always order pizza on Christmas eve, ever since I was a little kid and my dad took pity on my grandmothers after they spent the whole day in the kitchen baking.

    Tomorrow morning, we’ll have coffee and danish while we open presents, and then head out to my sister-in-law’s for lunch/dinner. Our big day for the movies is New Year’s. 😀

    I love the holiday traditions!

    • That sounds lovely. Merry Christmas!

      • We, too went to see Les Mis on Christmas day, but it was our first ever movie on Christmas! The theater was sold out when we got there, so we had to drive all the way to Independence. It was worth it. I cried buckets. Beautifully done!

        • I sobbed! So good. We ended up going the day after Christmas due to the theater printing our tickets for the wrong date. Far less crowded.


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