Cookies, Camels and Newborn Kings

New flash: Newt and I have been making a mess of my kitchen Christmas cookies to deliver to friends and neighbors.
I collect nativity scenes, so I couldn’t pass up this set of cookie cutters. However, I do feel a bit conflicted about eating the baby Jesus. Mmm… sweet salvation.

Yes, my gingerbread boy is a bit pale. It’s because he’s going into shock from his badly broken arm. Perhaps the newborn king can help. Newt made that one, and it’s not who you might think it is.
Newt says that this newborn king is baby Elvis in a manger.
The King? Get it?
Is something wrong with me if I find that uproariously funny? Because I do.
broken cookies
Here he is again, visiting all the other broken cookies. In the fog. Where’s Rudolf when you need him?
Oh well. Perhaps a concert will cheer up those poor broken souls…
I’ll have a bluuuuue Christmas without you,
I’ll be so bluuuuue just thinkin’ about you…

Speaking of blue, have a gander at this little fella:
Nothing says Christmas like a blue camel.
I’ll have a bluuuuue camel…
Here’s hoping your Christmas season is full of baby Elvis’ (Elvi?), blue camels and time with those you love.
But most especially, I hope your heart is filled with the spirit of Christ, whose birth we celebrate this time of year.
Because mine sure is.
With love,



  1. Hi Heidi,

    Great post I really needed to laugh this morning and you sure did it with your wit and wisdom. Miss seeing you guys and hope all is well with you. It is really cold here today and raining but calling for snow starting after midnight and into tomorrow morning so you know what that means wither a 2 hour delay or no school.

  2. I thought the baby king Elvis was hysterical too. But I’m a dork. Which doesn’t bode well for you.

    Also, the blue camel rocked my socks.

    Betsys last blog post..Cookies, Camels and Newborn Kings

  3. Oh my goodness, this was HYSTERICAL!!! I laughed out loud at the gingerbread man who was in shock from the broken arm!! LOVE THIS!! I’m off to Stumble it! (I’m a bit behind in my stumbling… trying frantically to catch up! LOL_

    • Thanks Jenn! It’s one of my favorites. We never did eat Elvis. Three years later and he’s still sitting our bookcase, ready to fly down and help anyone in distress.



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