What I’m Making for Thanksgiving:

Since my kitchen and dining room currently look like this:
the great flood
And neither of our bathrooms has a toilet, we have decided it might be more fun to eat out this year. I am not usually a fan of restaurants on Thanksgiving, but this year, I’m looking forward to it. We plan to enjoy a nice meal with Walt’s mom, go the movies and then maybe check out a few black Friday (on Thursday?) sales. Low key.
And the best thing? No chance of ruining the turkey.
Unlike that one a from a couple of years ago…



  1. Enjoy your dinner out this year and it is FUN to go to a movie on Thanksgiving! Your story of the Great Turkey Disaster of 2009 is funny, very well written! 🙂

  2. dinner out sounds like fun. I was planning on that… then my Aunt and Uncle decided to “come on over” It will be fun though, and yummy!

  3. How’d the thermometer register 175° when it was raw? There’s a good reason right there to raise your own pig-those failures still get used! LOL

    Enjoy dinner out, going anywhere special?

  4. Have fun Krista!
    Kelly, I think the thermometer must have been broken. The poor carcass was even too burned for making stock. We just called it a cremation and threw it away.
    We’re going to a nice restaurant on the golf course. It should be good, though Walt is threatening to break with tradition and order prime rib…
    Have a happy Thanksgiving!



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