Same Old New Year

Same Old New Year

Today’s New Year’s post comes to you in three parts. Three very predictable parts.
part one: 2011 photo recap
For New Year’s, I love creating a photo mosaic with pictures of some of the best (or at least most memorable) times of the year. Looking at it reminds me that we have it pretty good. No matter what.

Here’s hoping 2012 has just as many adventures, big and small.

part two: 2011’s most popular
Not surprisingly, the majority of the top ten most popular Frantically Simple posts were tutorials and recipes. I’ve always suspected that people like it when I tell them what to do.
In case you missed them the first time around, this is what all the cool kids were reading.

10: Hollow a Book to Hide Your Chocolate
9. Emergency Dinner: Easy Minestrone Soup
8. I Remember My reflections on 9-11
7. How many days are there in August? An easy way to tell how many days are in each month, without memorizing the poem
6. How Sweet it is: Honey Challenge Washing my face with honey
5. How to Make Silhouette Portraits
4. How to Freezer Paper Stencil (Harry Potter t-shirt)
3. Edible Thanksgiving Centerpiece Tutorial
2. An Enchanting Garden A wee little fairy garden made using found objects (and weeds!)
1. How to make Healthy (and Clumpy) Granola

part three: resolutions
In 2012 I resolve…
to not make any resolutions.
Funny, that’s the same one I made last year.
I don’t really do the whole “this year is the year I’ll finally lose 20 pounds/get a book deal/hike the Himalayas/clean the cupboard under the sink” resolution thing. However, I do feel much more motivated this time of year. Putting away the Christmas decorations makes the house feel so fresh and clean. It makes me want to organize everything. All the rich, sweet foods of the holidays are behind us. I’m craving good, wholesome food. After weeks of sleeping in, movies and video games, both Newt and I are ready to both hit the books and get our bodies moving. It’s time for a fresh start and I couldn’t feel better about it.
I’m positively bubbling over with ideas and plans.
Just you wait and see.

I’m taking part in Bliss Connect’s 6 Weeks of Bliss challenge. Care to join me?


  1. I love your photo mosaic!
    I’m ready for some healthier eating myself and have already started! 🙂

  2. LOVING your hollow a book idea! I need a place to hide my chocolate. desperately 😉

    • Thanks. I made it for my sister, using a diet book. No one ever looks in it! 🙂



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