A Little Bit of a Fuss

A Little Bit of a Fuss

I was feeling downright domestic this week. Besides all the Valentines I helped Newt with, we had a second round of sugar cookie-ing, this batch dipped in dark chocolate. (And can I just tell you? Yum. The buttery lemony cookies went perfectly with that rich dark chocolate. So good.) These we shared with friends: taking a plate to a party and little care packages to seven(!) houses.
And then there was our oh-so lovely Valentine’s evening. Our family invited Grandma over to be our sweetheart for the night. Newt made the salad (her own delicious creation: baby greens, pears, dried cranberries, feta and my maple vinaigrette). Walt made dinner (Fettuccine Alfredo from this recipe, though he accidentally used cilantro instead of parsley – and it was even more wonderful.) And me? Well, since we gave all our cookies away, I made dessert:

This delectable creation is called Boccone Dolce and it is modeled on Walt’s favorite dessert from our favorite restaurant. It is made from layers of chocolate coated Swiss Meringue with fresh fruit and lightly sweetened whipped cream. I used this recipe, with minor modifications (whip the meringue as long as you possibly can. The restaurant whips it for a full hour. I whipped for 15 minutes). I was amazed that it turned out so well. Almost perfect.
After such a rich meal, I was considering passing out Pepto tabs for after dinner mints… Instead, we put on our jammie-pants (except for grandma who did not bring hers) and curled up in the living room with You’ve Got Mail* on DVD.
How was your night?

*Oh, the irony. The movie: People enjoying the novelty of the internet while a big-box book store drives the independent companies out of business. Today’s reality: People enjoying the novelty of independent book stores while the internet drives the big-box stores out of business. Who would have thunk it?


  1. Your cookies and dessert are beautiful, look like they came from some high-end bakery!
    It IS funny about the irony of that older movie! LOL!!

  2. What a lovely evening and lovely treats! We had heart shaped pizzas and heart shaped brownies with pink whipped cream for dessert. Not much after dinner, as my DH is working on a second, smaller coop for our chickees.Thank you for sharing!
    Blessings, Kelly

    • That sounds lovely too! I dream of chickens… one day.

  3. I’m so glad you wrote about your husband accidentally using cilantro because I just did that in my turkey meatballs! I kind of knew that the parsley smelled too fragrant but I plugged ahead anyway… We’ll see how it turns out!

    • I’ll bet it will be yummy! Turkey and cilantro seem like a good pair…


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